Join the SUP adventure and experience the beautiful nature up close as you move along the shores of Guldborg Sound and on the Baltic Sea on Falster's east coast - enjoy life with relaxing outdoor wellness in the sauna!

You get a completely unique hiking experience at our SUP & SAUNA SAFARI. The coasts along the Guldborg Sound area are characterized by the meeting between man and nature. The water is mirror-shiny between the wood-clad ornaments on the Lolland side and the sloping fields and estates on the Falster side. On Falster's east coast you can experience the contrast, where the waves break along the beach and the high cliffs.

Upstairs an active SUP SAFARI it's time for wonderful outdoor wellness in the sauna. A walk on the water and in the sauna sharpens your senses and provides calm. You can linger on the impressions of the trip, zoom out and relax. Feel the pulse calm down. Feel yourself. Brand the world…

SUP & SAUNA SAFARI takes place in scenic surroundings along the shores of Guldborg Sound and on the Baltic Sea on Falster's east coast! Today's event is planned in relation to wind and weather, so you get the best experience you could wish for. No matter what spot the day offers, we can promise you some of the South Sea islands' most beautiful natural surroundings.

You get a brief introduction so you can paddle and steer the board. Then the trip goes out on the water along the coast with our tour guide. The trip is rounded off with wonderful outdoor wellness in the sauna.

Location: Guldborgsund / Østersøen (SUP spot is stated the evening before the trip)
Time: 9.00 - 12.00 (approx. 3 hours) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Bring: Towel, swimwear
- Instruction with certified instructor and tour guide
- Board and equipment
- Wetsuit, boots, gloves, hood and life jacket
- Delicious sauna

A SUP SAFARI takes place under a safe and secure environment, where weather conditions, your and the group's ability on a SUP board, etc. are taken into account. better equipped to move safely on the water. The most important thing for us is that you feel in safe hands and can enjoy the trip.

Today's event is planned in relation to wind and weather, so you get the best SUP & SAUNA SAFARI experience. Therefore, the pick-up location for the SUP spot with address will be announced the evening before the start of the event (no later than 12 hours before departure). 

Terms & Conditions
NOTE! - Booking closes 12 hours before the agreement starts. Check-in takes place 30 minutes before the start of the tour, where you will be given a SUP board, wetsuit and equipment. The trip is completed with a number of participants of at least 4 participants - from 10 years. Participation in SUP activities is at your own risk. All accidents are covered by own insurance.

Cancellation Policy: We work with the weather and the wind for our SUP courses. Therefore the weather determines the activity of the day. We only cancel courses if the weather is too wild and not safe to go on the water. You are therefore always guaranteed a good and safe experience with us! See you for a thrilling ride on the sea.

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