Here it is possible to rent SUP board, kayak, skateboard, wetsuit, equipment etc. Below you can see all prices.

We look forward to renting you our SUP board, so you can have a fun and exciting experience on the water. We can promise you a unique outdoor experience, where you will feel nature up close, even on Marielyst beach, which is known as one of Denmark's best beaches.

Prices for rental 3 hours 1 day 5 days
SUP board incl. paddle, leash & life jacket 299,- 499,- 2.200,-
paddle 100,- 175,- 599,-
Wetsuit (5 mm) 100,- 175,- 599,-
Life jacket 75,- 150,- 599,-
Kayak incl. paddle & life jacket 499,- 799,- 3.199,-
bodyboard 50,- 100,- 150,-
Skateboard (surf-skateboard) 50,- 100,- 150,-

It is important to us that safety is in order so that you can safely go out with your board. If you are in doubt about whether you are ready to rent on your own, you can contact Mærk Experience, who will be happy to guide you based on your experience on the water.

Place: Mærk Experience, Mosbregnevej 2, 4873 Væggerløse (v. Cafe Haveje Marielyst).
Time: Every day during the day
Bring: Towel, swimwear

Terms & Conditions
The rental takes place as a starting point in Marielyst. In case of severe wind and weather conditions, the rental is moved to Nykøbing Harbor by Guldborg Sound, where the rental functions as a pop-up activity.

NOTE! - Rented to people from 12 years. Children under 12 can also try SUP or kayak. They just need to be accompanied by an adult. Use of rented items is at your own risk. All accidents are covered by own insurance. For safety reasons, do not consume alcohol before or during activities on the water.

- You must be able to swim to be able to rent a kayak or SUP & bodyboards at Mærk Experience.
- All activities on the water take place at your own risk.
- You must always sail with a life jacket during the activity on the water.
If you have children with you, they must be 8 years old.
Damaged or lost equipment / wetsuits must be replaced.
- The price of renting a kayak or SUP board is incl. basic equipment - paddle, life jacket and leash

Cancellation Policy: We work with the weather and the wind for our SUP courses. Therefore the weather determines the activity of the day. We only cancel courses if the weather is too wild and not safe to go on the water. You are therefore always guaranteed a good and safe experience with us! See you for a thrilling ride on the sea.

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