Wonderful outdoor wellness - start or end the day with a trip to the sauna
Give your winter bathing trip or private party a cool kick with our cozy mobile sauna, which is wood-fired and hot in half an hour. An outdoor sauna gives the feeling of well-being and self-pampering beyond the usual.

The sauna is mounted on a trailer, which can be placed anywhere with a solid surface - at the beach edge, by the cottage or where you want - all you need is a car with a towbar and firewood to fire up the sauna. Straightforward and easy!

Prices for rental 1 weekday 4 working days 1 weekend 1 week
Mobile sauna 999,- 3.499,- 3.499,- 4.499,-

Time & Place:
Mark Experience, New Kirstineberg Estate, New Kirstinebergvej 7-9, 4800 Nykøbing Falster
- Weekdays (1 day): Pick-up at 10.00 - return the following day no later than kl. 9.00
- Weekdays (1-4 days): Pick-up Monday at 10.00 - return no later than Friday at 9.00
- Weekend (1-3 days): Pick-up Friday at 10.00 - return no later than Monday at 9.00
- 1 week (1-7 days): Pick-up Monday at 10.00 - return no later than Monday at 9.00

There can be up to 8 people in the sauna. It is mounted on a trailer with a permissible total weight of 1300kg. Sauna and trailer together weigh approx. 575kg

Weekdays, weekends and weeks can be booked all year round - there may be. used pick-up places other than Ny Kirstineberg Estate to pick up the sauna - please contact Mær Experience for an appointment.

Terms and Conditions

As a customer, it is your responsibility that the equipment is used correctly, that it does not fail anything before use, that the conditions are safe and that there is no damage to the equipment. Damage to the rented equipment or with rented equipment is 100% at the customer's expense, and Mærk Experience reserves the right to have all costs covered by repair or replacement of lost or damaged equipment covered.

NOTE! - Use of rented equipment is at your own risk. All accidents are covered by own insurance.

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