About SUP

SUP is an abbreviation for Stand Up Paddle. Exactly, SUP means that you get up on a surfboard and paddle forward with a paddle.
You can try your hand at SUP, especially in Marielyst and at Guldborg Sound. The many shallow areas make it easy and safe for beginners to try their hand at. If you would like a more thorough introduction to positioning, paddle grip and sailing technique, we have introductory courses all year round.

Learn to stand up paddle
Are you into beautiful nature experiences - all the while getting plenty of exercise? Then try Stand Up Paddle (SUP).

A little SUP story
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) has roots in Hawaiian culture. Here, the surfers chose to line up on their surfboards so that they could get enough speed with a paddle to be able to surf - even on the days when the waves were not perfect for wave surfing.

For the past 10 years, SUP has become a major leisure activity in Denmark. The sport has developed to also be a major activity on flat water, and both clubs and surf schools have taken up the activity. SUP is especially popular as a form of exercise when exploring the Danish coasts, lakes and streams.

Is SUP something for you?
SUP is for everyone! To get the best experience, we recommend that you take a short introductory course to the activity - and if you love being on the water and in nature, then with SUP you can have absolutely extraordinary experiences with us.

Most beginners, after a few hours of teaching, are familiar with SUP when it comes to the very basics. If you throw yourself into SUP on your own, remember to be aware of wind and weather and stay close to the shore.

As a beginner, you should be aware that SUP is basically easy to go to. But in order for your safety to be in order, never be arrogant! For example, you should never go out in offshore winds, and you should be aware that it is quite hard to paddle in crosswinds or headwinds.

You must also be aware that for safety reasons you must always have a leash around your foot (safety line between board and person), just as you should wear a life jacket. It is mandatory to bring a vest - even if there are several on the board, such as parents / children. Bring vests for everyone, and we recommend that you wear the vest.