Terms of trade

All pre-booked SUP activities such as lessons, courses and adventure trips are prepaid, unless otherwise stated.

  • 100% refund if canceled no later than 3 months before arrival.
  • 50% refund if canceled 1 month before arrival.
  • Free change of booking: You can always change the date of your booking, even if you want to move it to the following year, as long as you change at least 3 weeks before arrival.

Weather conditions
In case of stormy weather, SUP activities are moved to another location. Mærk Experience does not provide transport to the nearby place, the transport is imposed on the participating student.

Prepaid SUP lessons, courses and tours will not be refunded due to weather. In case of unsuitable weather conditions on the booked date, Mark Experience offers free voucher for alternative times and dates with booked activities.

Participants take part in lessons, courses and trips with their own insurance. Participation in our lessons, courses and tours is at your own risk.

SUP (Stand up paddling), skating, body boarding and staying in a mobile sauna are at your own risk. Please check your rented equipment for damage. If you have caused damage to your rented equipment, Mærk Experience will require payment for repairs or new equipment.